Featured Business: Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce

There's a brand-new non-profit in Arden Arcade, the Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber's mission is to "...connect business and community together in positioning, promoting and advocating for the Greater Arden area". Though just getting started, the Chamber has already participated in its first community project, the Fulton Avenue tree-lighting event. For more information, check out the web site.

Volunteers from the Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce at the Fulton Avenue tree-lighting event on December 3, 2016. 


Featured Business: Leatherby's Family Creamery

One of the most beloved places for local residents of all ages to celebrate all kinds of special occasions is Leatherby's Family Creamery. There are 3 locations in the greater Sacramento area. Generations of residents have celebrated birthdays, graduations and other special occasions, enjoying Leatherby's signature ice cream specialties. The Arden area Leatherby's is located at 2333 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95825 * (916) 920-8382

Leatherby’s Family Creamery on Arden Way opened on August 14th 1982, and since, customers from all over Northern California have flocked to Leatherby’s for enormous sundaes, great food, and a fabulous family atmosphere.  Many people young and old have fond memories of devouring a Daddy Dave’s Sundae.  In fact, Dave Sr. is now affectionately known around town as “Daddy Dave.” Daddy Dave’s original dream of founding a business that might be a “gathering place for the whole community” has become a reality.

These two love coming to Leatherby's to celebrate their birthday every year; a cherished family tradition.

Featured Business: Kinetic Cycles

You can find chain stores all over America, including right here in Arden Arcade. And that's fine: they sell products people need or want, they provide local employment and they produce tax revenue. But the most important stores in a community are not chains, they are the stores that are owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. These stores make a community special, different from other places, because of their one-of-a-kind nature. Often, these stores get veryinvolved with the local community, perhaps through personalized customer service, event sponsorship and the like. A local bike shop (LBS) is an example of such a local business-- every community should have at least one. Arden Arcade used to have two--the Schwinn shop on Watt near Marconi and MadCat in Town and Country Village. (To be clear, we are happy to recommend Performance Bicycle on Howe near Panera, but it is is part of a corporate network of over 100 stores in 20 states, i.e. not a LBS)  Once our LBSes closed, Arden Arcade was left without a LBS until Kinetic Cycles opened in Arden Town Center in 2014.  The story is that owner Bruce Kaiser got into the bicycle business several years ago at the urging of his son, Cody, who eventually grew up to be one of the foremost cyclecross bike racers in the country. Cody's ability to ride his cross bike up the stairs at the nationals was captured on You Tube and became something of an internet sensation. If you are shopping for a bike or bike stuff, if your bike needs service, if you want to join one of their group bike rides, or if you are just looking for a smile from nationally-ranked pro cyclist, drop in on Kinetic Cycles in Arden Town between Plan B and the Golden 1 Credit Union. It is Arden Arcade's Local Bike Shop.




New Restaurant on Howe

As noted in a Sacramento Bee article of June 23, 2016, Howe Avenue will be the new location of the popular Les Baux cafe, which has closed its East Sacramento location. Before the East Sacramento location closed, Trip Advisor said Les Baux was rated #6 of 37 bakeries in the area and #138 of 1798 places to eat. Sounds like pretty good caliber...something that's welcome in Arden Arcade. We wish it well.


Featured business: Bennett's Bread and Pastries

The Sacramento Bee recently featured a story on Bennett's Bread and Pastries, an Arden Arcade wholesale bakery that specializes in crust-and-custard bases for fruit tarts along with pies so popular at holiday time like apple, berry and pumpkin. The bakery, located on Tesla Way near Cottage and Fulton doesn't have a retail sales counter, but will take retail orders over the phone. The phone number and more information are available at the bakery's web site. Lots of mouth-watering photos are on its Facebook page.

The holiday pies and festive tarts you see in the grocery store may very well have come from Bennett's bakery in Arden Arcade.


Featured business: Elliott's Natural Foods

Eliott's Natural Foods has been a fixture in our community since 1952. It's the region's oldest health food store and now it has one of the newest murals. The new mural is on the Yorktown Ave. side of the building, fronting a street that could use a little sprucing up. Thank you, Elliott's for being there all these years and for providing some new civic pride for Yorktown!


Featured business: Country Club Lanes

Since February 1960 Country Club Lanes has been a community gathering place--for bowling, arcade games, food and drink, Lazer Tag and community meetings such as the monthly Sheriff's Meeting. The building was designed by Powers, Daly and De Rosa, a Southern California architecture firm that specialized in elaborate midcentury bowling emporiums. As time has passed and communities have evolved, only a few of these iconic structures remain. While there have been, and are, efforts to preserve them elsewhere, Country Club Lanes remains in active use serving the community the way it always has. Where else can you find so many family and community-oriented functions under one roof? And what a roof it is!


Featured business: Fulton Avenue Association

Kudos to the Fulton Avenue Association for another very successful Fulton Avenue Car Cruise. Lots of people, food trucks, bands and some really cool old cars!

The 7th Annual Fulton Avenue Car Cruise


Featured business: Country Club Plaza Farmers' Market

The Saturday Farmers' Market at Country Club Plaza is a very important part of our community. The quality and variety of the seasonal produce and other products is terrific. It's a great place to see friends and neighbors, too. We've heard the remodel of Country Club Plaza won't threaten the Farmers' Market. Sure hope that's true...Saturday mornings just would not be the same without the Farmers' Market!


We support our local businesses

With upwards of 92,000 people the middle of the Sacramento Metropolitan area, it's no surprise we have lots of convenient commercial activity in Arden Arcade. Local businesses here range from little places where you can get a really good sandwich to stalwarts like Emigh Hardware and Kaiser Hospital that have been here since before most of us were born. Town and Country Village was one of California's first shopping centers. You can buy almost any make of car here AND get it serviced as well. Our local businesses provide good jobs, too. We want our local businesses to thrive.