Santa Anita Park, a hidden gem

Santa Anita Park is a lovely linear park across from the northeast parking lot of Howe Park. It  runs along Chicken Ranch Slough between its crossing at Bell Street to its crossing at Hernando. The park is especially cherished by the surrounding neighborhood of Santa Anita Village, the award-winning postwar subdivision built by developer Jeré Strizek (who also built Town and Country Village). It is also the site of Arden Arcade's only disc golf course, which was installed as an Eagle Scout project just six years ago. For more information, contact the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District either online or by calling 916-927-3802. Even better, go wander the park's paths and enjoy its tranquility firsthand. 

Santa Anita Park




Beautiful fall days

Early November 2016 -- warm and sunny days for some fall color in Arden Arcade!


Another great neighborhood in Arden Arcade

There is a wonderful neighborhood that runs east and west off Wright Street between Bell and Fulton and Marconi and El Camino. It has beautiful London Plane trees, decent houses on lots that would be considered enormous in a typical modern subdivision, an excellent Neighborhood Watch and really great neighbors. But it also has something else (see photo).

November 1st -- Wild Turkeys enjoying the neighborhood's ambiance near Wright and Marconi


Performing Arts in Arden Arcade

Are you interested in going to the theater without having to drive across the river or pay for parking? Inside Arden's October 2016 edition has a story about the improvements being made to create a new performing arts venue at Howe Park.  (You can read the story online by clicking here and then scrolling through the digital issue to page 28).  Many thanks to author Jessica Laskey for this article, which tells how the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District is working with two local playwrights, Tim Cahill and Leo McElroy, to enable the community room at the Park's Conzelmann Community Center to host dramatic arts. The room already has a proscenium stage and a cozy size just right for putting on local plays featuring our region's emerging actors and actresses. With help from local donors, the Park District has already improved or budgeted for renovation of the stage and the room's floor and acoustics. Some additional funds are needed for theater-grade lighting. (Tax-deductible donations can be made to the District or to Friends of Fulton-El Camino. Contact [email protected] or call the District at 916-927-3802 for more information.) Once the remaining funds are secured and final improvements are made -- hopefully by 2017 -- the Howe Avenue Performing Arts Center will be able to open as the community's own theater.

The community room at Conzelmann Center, already used for weddings, parties and special events, is getting a makeover for the performing arts. (Photo: Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District).


15th Annual Arden Arcade 4th of July parade

The Advocates for Arden Arcade provided volunteer road guards for the community's annual 4th of July parade and maintained a booth for the community celebration in Howe Park after the parade. It was great to see so many people enjoying our Country's 240th birthday!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the party in Howe Park after the parade. It was nice talking with you!


Arden Dimick Library Grand Re-Opening

Kerri Moore, Branch Supervisor at the Arden-Dimick library, has invited the public to attend the library's community celebration on July 16th. More info is in the flyer.


Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day to the many thousands of Moms among Arden Arcade's 92,000 people!


A good place to live

A capsule summary, cross-posted from Nextdoor Cottage Creek with the author's permission.

I love having a house that I can afford to own in a neighborhood that has long time residents I call friends. I have been visiting them from downtown since 1990, but only just moved here in 2001. I loved downtown because I could walk everywhere and didn’t need a car. I thought there’s not nearly enough trees in Cottage Creek (didn’t know it had a name till I got on here) but I can own my own home for the price that rent was downtown. It’s so much quieter here, no constantly crashing cars like downtown. A few loud parties now and again - fine-everyone should have fun now and again. I love that I can walk down to Sam’s Hofbrau and have a couple beers without driving. I love the possums, skunks, raccoons, birds (people travel here from all over the world for the Yellow-billed Magpie sightings you take for granted on your front yard). I love the cats sitting patiently in the driveways. I love the cactus beds and the star magnolias and the crepe myrtles. I love saying hi to people on my walks in the neighborhood and how their dogs find me so interesting and how the squirrel highways run over the road on the power lines. I love to watch the Scrub Jay play tag back and forth with a squirrel. I love my wild backyard habitat free from HOA nonsense. I love that people are actually letting their stupid water sucking lawns die and put in drought tolerant rosemary, lavender and deer grass. I just stopped cutting what little lawn I have and the extra length is creating enough shade to keep my beautiful tree from losing water to evaporation.
— Lezlee Willems, Cottage Creek resident

Developers like Jeré Strizek, Randy Parks, Charles Bell and the Streng Brothers built solid homes that working people could afford to buy. It's not unusual that current residents of Arden Arcade are the children and grandchildren of original buyers.